About Koobbe

Welcome to Koobbe.com, the ultimate shopper’s social network!

Koobbe was specifically designed to become a shopping social network where users can discover ideas and get tons of inspiration from the fashion-conscious community that likes what they like. Our shopping social network brings all types of products into one place, so you don’t have to look through dozens of sites searching for that hard-to-find item. With Koobbe you’ll be just one click away from comparing prices as well as easily finding out what other users are saying about that specific dress or pair of heels you liked so much and now is seriously thinking of buying.

Koobbe is all about delivering the best designer products in a wide variety of categories (apparel, accessories, jewelry, special occasion wear, children goods, beauty products, sporting goods and more) at the very best prices as well as creating simply better shopping experience comparing to the old-fashioned online shopping.

Here you can discover products that have been curated by our community and buy from thousands of different stores directly through the platform. We offer very personalized form of shopping that thrives on community participation. The whole idea of our shopping social network is to encourage our users to share photos and reviews on various products they might be interested in or have already purchased, creating a vibrant interactive community of fashion-conscious shoppers.

Ready to buy and ready to get social about it? Then let’s have a closer look what Koobbe.com has to offer.

Every user gets their own profile that shows off everything they've «liked» on Koobbe.com. All our shoppers can follow individual sellers, add products to their wish-lists and invite friends to share their thoughts on the selected items.

All products listed on Koobbe have a “heart” icon that users can click on to save it to their personal favorites. Users can also create their own collections of fashion items that they find on the site and share it with their friends online. They can also share their thoughts on any product listed on the platform in the “Posts” section, ask question and leave reviews about purchased items.

There's also «My Photos» section where users can post photos of themselves wearing fashion items purchased through our shopping social network to give other shoppers new insights into what they might like and what might fit them best.

Shopping on Koobbe.com grants network’s users monetary credits for future purchases. Our shopping social network also offers coupons, promo codes and latest information on sales and cash back deals from thousand of different stores, all gathered together in one place.

Enjoy the ultimate social shopping experience with Koobbe!