5 Chic Ways to Wear a Turtleneck This Season

5 Chic Ways to Wear a Turtleneck This Season

The full-on sweater weather has finally arrived and now we it’s time for our favorite layered-up outfits, featuring blanket scarves, cozy sweaters and, of course, turtlenecks.  This fashion item is very functional, as it is basically a 2-in-1 sweater, since you don’t need a scarf to stay protected from the nippy wind, and it is ever-so-trendy.

Whether plain or as a layer in a carefully constructed look, turtlenecks are this season’s transitional piece. You can easily layer a thin knit turtleneck under your favorite summer slip dress, pair one with your suit set for the office, or layer a chunky oversized turtleneck over a dress or skirt for long layers.


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With Jumpsuits
Jumpsuits easily dominate the wearer. Turtlenecks keep things neat and easy. Use color to counter bold overalls with something equally eye-catching. But a neutral top works well if you plan to further layer or if your pants have a print. 


With Suits
Nothing looks as good under a sharp suit coat as a simple turtleneck. A neutral color works well with the more technicolored suiting favored this spring. With the shirt’s high neck and the collar of the coat, skip any heavy accessories around the face or neckline. Instead, a funky purse or a pair of chic heels may be all you need to polish this professional look.


With Floral Prints
Floral prints haven’t left the «top trends of the season» lists for many years already. This fall/winter season is no exception. Simple turtleneck will compliment the statement print in your outfit keeping you warm and cozy at the same time.

Minimalistic Style
Chunky knit turtlenecks look simply great if paired with a your fave denim piece and plain wool coat. This is the perfect option for laconic yet very chic fall/winter look that doesn’t require too much planning. 


The turtleneck layering trend comes straight from the fall 2017 Fashion Weeks, but instead of on the runway, it was spotted on the editors and IT-girls going t the most anticipated fashion shows.


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