7 Outfit Ideas to Celebrate New Year in Style

7 Outfit Ideas to Celebrate New Year in Style

The outfit planning, though, can be hard and tricky. What should we opt for: dressing up, dressing down, trying to look like you’re not even trying or just going all-out? Koobbe narrows down top 7 outfit ideas to celebrate New Year in style. We gathered together everything from classic sequin looks, oversized blazers, a much-needed sheer moment, and—our personal favorite— luxurious velvet looks. Look through our list of party outfit ideas to say hello to 2018.


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Mix and match colors and add a pop of sequins for a final festive touch. Hit the holiday running with an all over sequin number. To make this look feel more elegant than clubby, look for a longer or boxier silhouette.


Velvet Crush
Layer on the cozy layers of velvet dresses, robes and accesories for the ultimate luxurious holiday look.


Take your favorite blazer and pair it with your little black dress and you have an updated blazer dress. You can also belt an oversized blazer by itself as a dress.


Elevated Jumpsuits
Add an oversized blazer in trendy print or leather jacket to your jumpsuit for an effortless look.


Faux Fur Baby
Need to add a little wow factor to your look? Add a faux fur shawl, jacket or coay. It can instantly take your jumpsuit or dress to a new party level.


Pajama Sets
Something you can wear to the party and to the bed? Yes please! Dress up your PJ silk set with heels a colorful bag and jewelry.


Simply Sheer
Pair your sheer shirt with high waisted trousers and let the top do the talking.
Pair a sheer lace dress with combat boots and oversized blazer (as seen on the photo below) for a chill "I just threw this on" type look.


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Image source: frenchystyle.com, vogue.ua, stylecaster.com.