Adding Some Parisian Chic to Your Wardrobe

Adding Some Parisian Chic to Your Wardrobe

Paris is a wonderful combination of old-world charm and effortless class. This city is the perfect place to people-watch and admire their style.  Parisian women have a captivating sense of self-confidence that exudes from carelessly thrown-on clothes, slightly messy hair, and minimalistic jewelry. The simplicity is arresting.  Aside from the classic Bréton shirt and maybe a non-cliché beret, the look is about embracing one's own individual style, mixing high-low (and classic and trendy) and wearing it all with hands-down confidence. 

Let’s take a look at how to incorporate the 10 fundamentals of French style into our lives so that we too can look our best, spend our money wisely and enjoy the simply luxurious lives we have created.


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Take inspiration from the Greats
If you want to pull off the quintessential French look, take notes from the fashion icons who invented it.  

Brigitte Bardot

Betty Catroux

Vanessa Paradi

Staples over trends
Paris is a home city to many international street style stars. Their styles are often the illustration of the most peacock-y of peacock fashion, they all are sitting front row at the shows and get a lot of media attention. But are these the genuine representatives of famous Parisian chic? We think not. For homegrown style inspiration, one doesn't have to look any further than a quiet corner café or a local bistro. Watching the seasonal runway shows are great fun and full of inspiration and ideas what new way to wear a button up blouse or what to pair with a knee-length skirts, but don’t hop on the bandwagon if it’s a one-season phenomenon. Staples may seem safe or boring, but when you purchase well, know your body and tailor to your needs, you will shine.


Mix the high and low
As much as your investment items are the foundation of the French woman’s wardrobe, not every item you wear has to be über sophisticated. Wear a pair of boyfriend jeans with heels (low/casual – boyfriend jeans; high/dressed-up – heels) or a bomber jacket over a camisole worn with an over-the-knee pencil skirt and sandals. The balance of seriousness with playful displays prowess of how to build and wear a wardrobe exuding confidence and personality.


Subtle over shocking
Choose neutral hues that work with your skin tone in order to infuse a multitude of options. The white jersey tee works beautifully under your blazer, but it can also be tucked into a pencil skirt worn with heels to offer a high/low look to the office. Don’t forget to wear it under your leather jacket as well paired with your favorite jeans.


Fewer but better
You will have fewer items in your closet and what a beautiful sight that will be when you walk in. Clutter is stressful, too many choices can numb us and make it difficult to choose. Fewer, but better options simplifies the process but amplifies the outcome.


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