How To Wear Animal Prints In 2018

How To Wear Animal Prints In 2018

Animal prints… they’ve gotten a bad rep lately. Together with neon colors and flashy jewelry, animal prints are often considered just an echo from the 80s desperately trying to get back on the contemporary fashion scene. On the other hand, animal prints never leave the runways of biggest designers houses during recent years.  The thing is that if styled right, animal prints turn into the chicest detail of the outfit. 


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You can start simple by keeping your outfit straightforward or monochromatic and adding a little pop with an animal print accessory. Or you can find a piece with animal print trim detailing on a coat or a dress, or mixed in with a couple various patterns.

Another easy way to incorporate animal print into your look is by finding muted, abstract, or oversized prints—these don’t appear as intense at first and can be worn over and over again. Match it with basic wardrobe items like black/white/beige turtleneck, denim shirt or black jeggings and you’ll have trendy look right away. 

 If you’re feeling bold, add some neon to the mix, try on a full suit or matching set in the print, and mix and match with textures, patterns and colors. There’s truly no set rule when it comes to this super-versatile print, so try something new, play around and experiment, and don’t be afraid to unleash your inner animal print queen. 



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