How to Wear Clashing Colors: Street Style Stars’ Tips

How to Wear Clashing Colors: Street Style Stars’ Tips

Wearing clashing colors is among most popular fashion rules to break, but that’s still kind of tricky to pull off. From a young age we were told by fashion magazines that colors like black and brown, navy and black, red and green shouldn’t be mixed in one outfit. However, the street style stars have changed the fashion game completely in recent years and they are giving us a little motivation to say screw it and mix whatever prints, colors and textures our hearts desire.


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Black and Blue
This combo is perfect for fall and winter and it gives you an opportunity to break up your all black ensemble.


Black and Brown
When pairing these two colors together, focus on graphic textures and prints. Camel or pale, nearly-nude brown will look exceptionally good in this combination as it will pop against black and appear less heavy. 



Red and Green
This combo was made very popular by Gucci. Many fashionistas have been rocking various red and green Gucci-inspired ensembles starting from summer already. This trend has also successfully transitioned into their fall/winter wardrobes. An easy way to wear these two colors is by adding in patterns, neutral accessories, or metallic embellishments.



Purple and Yellow
This color combo is great for making a powerful and feminine statement. If you are still not bold enough to wear it all over, try it as a shoe or handbag embellishment.



Navy and Orange
Perfect choice for fall and it looks great as solids or patterns. Very easy to style and it surely doesn’t require any special styling skills.


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