Pulling Off Tomboy Style in a Chic Way

Pulling Off Tomboy Style in a Chic Way

The popularity of the tomboy look on the streets has never been more prevalent than now. Gender-neutral is a buzzy term these days, perhaps that is the reason see why that trend has rapidly extended to fashion. Rather than considering menswear-inspired looks to be “borrowed from the boys,” we see hoodies, jogger pants and sneakers as chic elements of any woman’s wardrobe. Read Koobbe’s blog post to take a cue from some of the best on-point street style examples, and see some of the best items to take you to tomboy territory.


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We have a long-standing relationship with wearing menswear—perhaps thanks to  women like Lauren Hutton and Katharine Hepburn, and even Coco Chanel, who built an empire around turning menswear staples like tailored suits and Breton stripe shirts into something that women could wear and still retain their femininity. While feminine silhouettes will never go out of style, there is an inherent coolness to all of the slouchy sweaters, fancy suits, boyfriend jeans, and combat boots that we’ve been spotting as of late. Not only is this look extremely comfortable, but it also embraces a functional and versatile aesthetic that is instantly appealing.


You don’t have to actually be a tomboy to dress like one. The formula is simple: combine equal parts cool girl attitude and the right tomboy fashion for enviably nonchalant off-duty outfits. Another key to making this look work is to throw in just a touch of femininity, whether it’s via a slightly pointed shoe, a few undone buttons on your shirt, or some golden hardware on your satchel. 


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