The Ultimate Guide to Layering or How to Create Trendiest Winter Looks

The Ultimate Guide to Layering or How to Create Trendiest Winter Looks

Layering queens and kings can easily layer a shirt on top of another shirt, under a dress, over jeans and with a few accessories in between - no problem, while for many other fashion-conscious people layering requires few extra steps in their daily styling routine. However, mastering this tricky styling method will instantly put your street style game to the whole new level. 
Forget those times, when trying to create a stylish layered look ended up looking like you were playing dress-up in your grandma’s closet. We gathered together many different ways to layer your look—from mixing prints and color blocking to proportional tips and more.


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Mix and match textures, prints and colors when layering as it will naturally draw your eye up and down the look.
To add dimension and cohesion to a look, layer pieces with a similar weight of prints. For example, pick all small prints, or all large prints. This will make your look more thought through and not look weighed down. A good piece of advice for a total beginner will be not to overthink the process, just layer your favorite colors, prints and pieces. Yes, for real! Forget any fashion rules you know and just mix it all together. With this kind of attitude you’ll create a fun and bold outfits. 


The Ultimate Layered Look

Put aside all the fashion rules you’ve learned before and focus on what’s layering is actually about: differentiating in lengths, textures and patterns. The more colors, the more layers, the better.


This might be the favorite outfit combination of all the Aussie IT-girls, who have spread this trend around the globe. Elevate your mini or midi dress and layer it over a pair of jeans for an effortless layer look.


Details are Important
Successful layering is also in small details. Pull a hood over the baseball cap, or add a funky sock that peeps out at the top of your booties. It's the little things that count.



A Touch of Lingerie
Layer a sheer bralette, teddy or lingerie top over a tee for a standout statement layered look.



Sheer Magic
Layer a sheer skirt over a mini skirt or shorts, and top off the look with a cropped sweater and button-up blouse. 


Why stop at two layers? Layer a turtleneck, blouse, coat and fur stole for the ultimate cozy It-girl look.


Fishnet Details
Use a high-waisted fishnet stockings or sheer top as the base layer to your outfit and then mix up cropped and long layers.


Use Hoodies
Hoodies are the ultimate layering material for the trendy winter look. Layer a hoodie with your lightweight jacket for a chill street style vibe.


Mixing Up Textures
Layer your oversized sweater with a sheer dress or tulle skirt, and jeans.


Pick Your Color
Stick to one monochromatic color palette to make your layers seem less bulky, and more thought out.
If you're new to the layering game, test out the look with all one color. It'll seem super thought out and crazy chic. 


Little Black Turtleneck
The easiest way to transition your summer pieces to fall is by layering a thin black turtleneck underneath.


Play with Patterns
Choose one type of pattern and layer an outfit with it. For instance, layer all striped pieces (but don't worry about them all going in one direction or being one size—the variation will be more fun).


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