What's In, What's Out in Fashion 2018

What's In, What's Out in Fashion 2018

Celebrating the arrival of the new year is also the high time to bid adieu to the old and welcome in the new, fashion-wise. 2017 provided us with numerous trendy pieces like bomber jackets, cold-shoulder tops and a whole bunch of stuff in "millennial pink". So what are we saying bye to exactly in the new year?


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OUT: Plaid Print   IN: Check Print
With all the new prints emerging in 2018, it’s time for quintessential plaid print to take a brake and give the others a chance to shine. So, 2018 is a good time to tuck away all your favorite plaid fashion items to the back of the closet and switch your attention towards check print. It’s been everywhere during the most recent fashion weeks, from most popular runways to the streets. This print looks great on everyone. Try it on shirts, pants and even jackets this season.


OUT: Lace-Up Corsets   IN: Wide Belts
This accessory definitely had its moments. It has character and works flawlessly with every outfit, but like all belt styles which come and go, it’s time to bid adieu to lace-up corsets. Instead, invest in a classic wide belt. Pick any color and texture, it’ll be all good in 2018. 


OUT: Millenial Pink   IN: Lavender
Even Kate Middlton succumbed to this biggest trend of 2017. Millennial pink dominated the fashion palette for the whole year and let’s be honest, everyone was wearing some version of it. Lavender is one of the key colors for 2018. It appeared on the runways of Proenza Schouler, Victoria Beckham, and more, which are all promising signs that this purple palette will be in every fashion girl's wardrobe come Spring.


OUT: Fanny Packs   IN: Fringe Bags
Fanny packs reemerged the contemporary fashion scene in 2017. The accessory was definitely a must have for street style stars within the past year. However, the trend has since slowed down and now it’s the fringed bags that are making a big entrance to the new fashion season. Fashion houses from Christian Dior and Fendi to Michael Kors got the playful detail hung off bags of every shape and size and came in completely unexpected colors like metallic navy and glittery gold.


OUT: Skater Sneakers   IN: Dad Sneakers
Skater-inspired sneakers are giving way to a much unexpected shoe trend. The bulky and more nostalgic shoe shape you might have seen on your father will be the next big thing in 2018. Dad Sneakers were seen on models such as Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber. 



OUT: Chelsea Boots   IN: Sock Boots
Think of your good-old chelsea boots as a backup option in 2018. Sock boots, the hottest trend for 2018, look great with jeans, dresses, skirts — pretty much everything. 



OUT: Bomber Jackets   IN: Suits
It’s quite understandable that bomber jackets are in «out» section for 2018. These jackets could be seen everywhere in every print and color, so we're ready for something new. Suits were a near-constant on the spring runways. That can mean only one thing, the trend will be big for2018. In case you are not a fan of trouser suits, opt for an elegant stand-alone blazer that fits you well and wear it with denim and simple tee. 


OUT: Ear Cuffs   IN: 80’s Inspired Jewelry

Ear cuffs were cool and edgy accessory for quite a while, however it’s the '80s-inspired earrings and necklaces that will be rocking the 2018 accessory trends.



OUT: Off-the-Shoulder Styles   IN: Ruffles
The ruffles and ruches trend is not going anywhere, proved by numerous runways. In fact, London Fashion Week has confirmed that ruffles will be playing a pivotal role in out trendy spring/summer wardrobe and will go hand in hand with one of the biggest spring 2018 fashion trends – pastel colors.




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