Koobbe offers great selection of outerwear and accessories by casual wear brand Fashion Mia. Fashion Mia is dedicated to delivering high-quality clothing at affordable prices. Shop for season’s hottest trends in various sizes, made of highest quality fabrics and materials. Fashion Mia designers aim at creating clothes, in which women will look fashionable, confident, and chic from head to toe.

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Estimated Delivery Time

Our estimated delivery dates are based on several factors, including the destination address, the shipping options you've chosen, and how quickly we can assemble and prepare your items for shipment. You can calculate delivery estimates by taking the processing time for your order and adding the transit time based on the shipping method you've chosen.

For example, if you order a bodycon dress, it will need 3-5 working days of processing time and then 5-12 days of shipping time if you select super saving shipping. Therefore, you can expect to receive it in 8-17 days. And you can expect to receive it in 5-10 days if you select expedited shipping (2-5 days).

Please use the chart below to help gauge how long it will take to receive your order. 

(*There is different processing time for different item. You can check the processing time from product page; however, we will try our best to prepare the item ASAP after you place an order on our website)

Shipping Time

We are excited to offer international shipping for most destinations of the world.

See the table below for more details about express delivery charges and when you can expect to receive your order:

We have two options for international delivery. To have your order sooner, you can pay a little more for our expedited service, or if you are not in too much of a hurry, select our super savings option and you can enjoy the special offer.

Shipping Method Delivery Time Area

Super Savings 5-12 days North America (USA )

5-12 days Oceanica (Australia)

5-12 days Europe (France Germany Belgium Luxembourg Netherlands)

5-12 days Europe (Sweden Portugal Italy)

5-12 days Europe (England)

5-12 days Europe (Finland Iceland Switzerland The Czech Republic Greece Austria)

5-12 days Europe (Norway Denmark Sweden Ireland Luxembourg Switzerland The Czech Republic Slovakia Poland Slovenia Romania Hungary Latvia Lithuania Estonia)

5-12 days North America (Canada Mexico)

7-15 days South America (Columbia Chile Peru Argentina Venezuela Ecuador)

5-12 days Asia (Korea Japan Philippines Vietnam Thailand Singapore Malaysia India Pakistan Kazakhstan Iran Israel Saudi Arabia Cyprus Palestine)

5-12 days Europe (Croatia Ukraine Georgia Spain Russia)

5-12 days Africa (Egypt Libya Morocco South Africa Niger Ghana Cote d'Ivoire Togo Sultan Guinea)

5-12 days Oceanica (New Zealand)

Expedited Shipping 2-5 days Europe (Norway Denmark Sweden Finland France Ireland Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg Switzerland Germany Austria The Czech Republic Slovakia Poland Spain Portugal Italy Croatia Slovenia Romania Greece Hungary Ukraine Latvia Lithuania Georgia Estoni)

Europe England

2-5 days North America (USA Canada Mexico)

2-5 days South America (Columbia Chile Peru Brazil Argentina Venezuela Ecuador)

2-5 days Asia (Korea Japan Philippines Vietnam Thailand Singapore Malaysia India Pakistan Kazakhstan Israel Saudi Arabia Cyprus Palestine)

2-5 days Africa (Egypt Libya Morocco South Africa Niger Ghana Cote d'Ivoire Togo Sultan Guinea)

2-5 days Oceanica (Australia New Zealand)

You don't need to worry about your order. It would usually arrive on time unless there are unpredictable factors (bad weather etc.) which cause delay. We do appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Chinese holiday reminder: During week-long Chinese holidays, Chinese National Day (October 1, 2016) and Chinese New Year (January 30, 2017), services from certain suppliers and carriers may be affected, meaning that deliveries for order placed around these holidays may be delayed 3-7 days.


Return & Exchange

Thank you for shopping at FashionMia.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help.

Exchange or Return for a Refund

The products can be returned within 30 days after they have been received. A new product may be exchanged for another product or returned for a refund.

To be eligible, please make sure that

-The product is in its original packaging

-The product isn't used or damaged

Products that do not meet these criteria will not be considered for return.

To return the products, please submit items change request here.

Return(s) can be made to this address:

Receiver: Tranplus Union Inc 

Address: 20515 Walnut Drive 

City: Walnut 

State: CA 

Country: US 

Zip Code: 91789

After you receive confirmation from our customer service, please send the product along with the product list which includes the product ID. A tracking No. of the returning parcel is required; we will deal with the product exchange or refund after we get your returning parcel.

Damaged items

If you received a damaged product, please notify us immediately for assistance.

Order Cancellation

We offer full refund if the order is cancelled within 24 hours of your purchase. You should submit an order cancellation request here once you decide to cancel the order. For orders cancelled after 24 hours of purchase but have not been shipped, we will offer partial refund after charging a 15% cancellation fee. We will NOT accept order cancellation request if the orders have been shipped.

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